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The purpose, for which the Washington Warriors is formed is to introduce and promote the development of the sport of cricket within the local communities and the Washington Metropolitan area through education, organization and competition. In doing so, we wish to encourage fair play, team work, and camaraderie among our members.


Warriors will introduce Cricket to 195 Fairfax county schools

NEW PLAYERS: If you are a talented, enthusiastic & confident cricketer and believe that you can be an asset to our team, we invite you to join our ranks. Email us at 2WashingtonWarriors@gmail.com and we will respond promptly please mention the level you have played previously, strengths and your skill level. - Country,state,county level, top order bat, pace bowler, spin, etc. Requirement is that you have to be physically present in USA. We don't sponsor players outside USA.

Washington Warriors 2013 & 2012 Awards after the season

We are based in Fairfax county and hold practices in the following locations.
Every Monday, 5:30 - 8:30 pm at Lake Fairfax Park, Reston.
Saturday practice session's, 8:30 - 12:30 pm.
Location - Aldrin Elementary School, 11375 center harbor rd, Reston, VA 20194-2061.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sudheer Chadlavada

Vital Stats:
Name:              Sudheer Chadlavada,
Role:                Right slow medium, Middle order Bat
Fav Stroke:      Straight Drive
Weapon:          Consistency with the ball.

One of the teams dependable middle order bats. He has often helped the team recover from unfortunate situations. Rotates the strike very well, scores quickly and the ideal partner for a good partnership. Bowls a tight line that is very difficult to score against and chips in with wickets. Only fitness and duties beyond the pitch prohibit him form getting into the top 5.

The LOL part:His bat has always let him down and I beleive he is capable of bigger knocks with a better bat.A blend of "tennis ball cricket" and "WCL cricket" when he bowls and that's a fun to watch when you are on the bowling team.

Records & Stats:
Best partnership for wicket:
5.114 (vs toucans , Guru 58*, Sudheer C 38*, 07

2010 Sudheer’s Batting performance

Deepak Kundal

Vital Stats:
Name: Deepak Kundal, a.ka "The Destroyer"
Role: Left arm fast medium, Top/Middle order Bat
Pedigree: Punjab da Puttar
Fav Stroke: Square Drive
Weapon: The one that is angled into your body.

The team’s lone south paw. Can be destructive with his angled balls that swing in and come into you below the knee and wreck your stumps. Can provide vital breakthroughs or bring thunderstorms and tornadoes with just four balls. Shares the new ball or comes in at the first break. Bats well to keep the middle order in play, a very determined cricketer constantly working to improvise and perform better. Can score those lefty boundaries at a good clip.

LOL part: A true Lion from Punjab!!!! Won’t mind giving it back to the opposition his piece of mind sometimes in Punjabi too . His quick left arm Yorkers are a toe crusher. Sports a bright Aussie yellow hat and plays the game with true Desi Passion.

Records & Stats:

Highest partnership for wicket:
8. 69 (vs PWCC, Deepak H 52*, Deepak K 27, 10)

2010 Deepak K’s Batting performance

2010 Deepak K's Bowling performance


Chandresh Natarajan

Name: Chandresh Natarajan, a.ka "Chumble"
Role:  Vice Captain, Right arm Spin/gentle medium, Top/Middle order Bat
Fav Stroke: Cover Drive
Weapon: The one that is tossed up but rips in from good length.

A softspoken serious allounder who can affect the game with both the bat and the ball. Keeps a level head in crisis. Paces his innings well and instrumental in building important partnerships. 2007 has seen him shift into a higher gear while batting. The second best bowler in 2007, he is a mean spinner, often compared to Kumble for those faster flippers he has earned the nickname "chumble" and has provided the crucial breakthroughs. Has the ability to contain the batsmen even with a new ball. Has opened the innings with the ball and provided that he can do equal damage with the new ball.

LOL Part:Ripper with the ball, sharper with the bat, sweeper(cover) at the field defines him.
A keen student of the game who never misses anything; he'd keep track of no balls and wides even when you play book cricket!
He also never misses to take the exact opposite of what the official team weather guy has to say about weather. Usually right to the dismay of the team weather guy.
Has a good sense of humor and a friendly nature but don't let that fool you, he is a fighter.

Records & Stats:
Highest Score at #2: Chandresh – 78* (vs Fighters, 08)
Most Wickets in a game: 4 wkts, 07, Vs Bengals, 4 wkts 09 vs Omnitech



Srinivas Neelapala

Vital Stats:
Name:              Srinivas Neelapala, a.ka "Srini"
Role:                Captain & principal coordinator, Opening Bowler, Top/Middle order Bat
Pedigree:          Former captain, Andhra Univ Engineering College
Fav Stroke:      Square cut (text book style)
Weapon:          The one that swings in to knock your bails off.

A fine allrounder, an able captain and a true match winner. Bowls Right Arm Medium Fast and usually bowls the first ball of the Himalayan bowling innings.Gives the team crucial breakthroughs at the start of the game with balls that move in either direction. An awesome batsman in the middle order and holds the innings together along with the lower order batsmen. Has had quite a few big knocks in the past which have been instrumental in crucial wins. Features consistently among the best in both batting and bowling. Holds the distinction of being the best batsman and bowler for multiple seasons. A graceful batsman and a clean striker.

The LOL part: Who is that player who is in all whites. Obviously, white trousers and white shirt like any other cricketer on the field. But how about a white helmet, a white round head hat. By his looks on the field, he gives you that nostalgic sense of a 1970's cricketer. But beware,he is no old-fashioned orthodox player and plays the modern day limited over cricket with a fantastic strike rate.

Records & Stats:
Highest partnership for any wicket : 150 runs (Sudeep/Srinivas, 06 vs Bowie)
Highest scores at
3. Srinivas - 80 (vs Srilanka, 10)
4. Srinivas - 96* (vs Star, 08)
5. Srinivas - 71* (vs Bowie, 06)
6. Srinivas - 44* (vs Toucans, 06)
8. Srinivas - 53 (vs Bengals2, 08)
Highest partnership for 4th wicket. 150 (vs bowie, Srinivas 71*, Sudeep 109*)
Most wickets in season- 23 wkts, 06
Most wickets in a game: Srinivas (4 wkts, 06)

2010: Ranked in/at
  • # 25 WCL's Top All Rounders

2009: Ranked in/at
  • # 10 WCL's Most Economical Bowlers

2008: Ranked in/at
  • #29 WCL's Batting Aggregates

2010 Srini's Batting performance

2010 Srini's Bowling performance



Monday, December 21, 2009

Cricket: HCC Batting and Bowling Stats Page: 2006

Cricket: HCC Batting and Bowling Stats Page: 2008

20/20 Table

Warriors Best of Club!!! RECORDS


Warriors/HCC highest total - 284/5 in 40 overs vs Young Bloods 06
Warriors/HCC Lowest total - 44/9 in 15.3 overs vs Fighters 07
Lowest total defended - 112/10 in 27.4 overs vs Nova (Nova-all out for 101, 09 )
Partnership in a season: 150 runs (Sudeep/Srinivas, 06 vs Bowie)

Highest scores @

1. Sudeep Banerjee- 109* (vs Bowie, 06)
2. Chandresh Natarajan – 78* (vs Fighters, 08)
3. Srinivas Neelapala - 80 (vs Srilanka, 10)
4. Srinivas Neelapala - 132* (vs UMBC, 12)
5. Srinivas Neelapala - 71* (vs Bowie, 06)
6. Srinivas Neelapala - 44* (vs Toucans, 06)
7. Vijay Chinnasamy - 62 (vs Dulles, 08)
8. Srinivas Neelapala - 53 (vs Bengals2, 08)
9. Murali Machiraju- 82* (vs Falcons, '13) 
10. Deepak Gupta - 20 (vs Elite, 10)
11. Sushant Mantri - 28 (vs Bengals 2, 10)

Partnerships for 1-10 wickets:

1st Wicket: 134 runs (Vs Young Bloods, Guru Chitna 50, Suresh Neelapala 63, 06)
2nd Wicket: 91 runs ( vs Masters, Suresh Neelapala 71, Srinivas Neelapala 18, 13)
3rd Wicket: 77 (vs Hunters, Sudeep Banerjee 26, Guru Chitna 63, 07)
4th Wicket: 150 (vs Bowie, Srinivas Neelapala 71*, Sudeep Banerjee 109*)
5th Wicket: 114 (vs Toucans , Guru Chitna 58*, Sudheer Chadalavada 38*, 07)
6th Wicket: 72 (vs Star, Abhay Mogal 50*, Fahim Farhat 37, 06)
7th Wicket: 62 (vs Bengals 2, Deepak Hiremath 30, Nirun Raju 24) 
8th Wicket: 81 ( vs Sri Lanka, Matt Woodruff 41, Zinan Chowdhury 34, 11)
9th Wicket: 94 (vs Falcons, Murali Machiraju 82*, Rakesh Pasupuleti 13, 13)
10th Wicket:. 67 (vs Bengals 2, Syed Maqsood 52*, Sushant Mantri 28, 10)

Most runs in a season: Guru (565 runs, 6 x 50's, 07)
Highest score by an individual: 132* Srinivas N (vs UMBC '12)
Most 100's in a season: Srini N 1x 100 (12), Sudeep 1x 100 (06)
Most 50's in a season: Guru 6 x 50's
Fastest 100: Srini N' 12
Fastest 50: Suresh N (18 balls), 5x6, 5x4 vs Bengals 2 in T20, Murali M (32 balls, 1x6, 8x4 vs Falcons' 13) and Syed M (32 balls),4x6,4x4 vs Bengals 2, Regular season, 2010
Most # of ducks in a season: 4 (Suresh N, 13) ( Syed M, 10)
Most # of 6's in a season: 18 (Suresh N, '10)
Most # of 4's in a season: 46 (Guru, 07)


Most wickets in season: Srinivas (23 wkts, 06)
Most wickets in a game:
Suriyakumar Periyasamy 8/24/5W (vs Metro '12)
Mithun Chittajallu 8/29/5W (vs Masters '13)

  • Deepak H (4 wkts, '10 vs PWCC)
  • Jana (4 wkts, 08 vs Star)
  • Sudheer (4 wkts, 07, vs Omnitech)
  • Chandresh (4 wkts, 07, Vs Bengals, 4 wkts 09 vs Omnitech)
  • Vamsidhar(4 wkts,07 Vs Metro 2)
  • Suresh N (4 wkts, '07; Vs Nova2, 4 wkts vs YB,'06, 4 wkts Vs OmniTech, '10, 4 wickets vs Bengals 2' 10, 4W vs Nova' 12)
  • Suresh Y (4 wkts, '10 Vs Star)
  • Sandeep Pailla ( 4W vs Chargers' 13)
  • Srinivas (4 wkts, 06)(4 W vs Metro '12, 4W vs Potomac' 12, 4W vs Omnitech' 13), 
  • Saurabh M (4 wkts, vs Knights'11, 4wkts vs Sixers '12 )
  • Venkat V ( 4wkts, vs AFCA,'11)
  • Mithun Chittajallu (4W vs Falcons; 13)
  • Vijay Bhaskar Y ( 4W vs Sri Lankan; 12)
Best Bowling Figures: Suresh N (O-4.2 R-3 W-4, 06 Vs YB's)
                                  Suresh N ( O-3 R-7, W-4, vs Nova '12)
Most runs given in 1 over: Venkat V (37 R, '10 vs Srilanka)
Most runs given in a game: Chandresh N (O-6, R -84, W-1, 07 ` Vs Nova2)

Rajesh Ranganathan

Vital Stats:
Name: Rajesh Ranganathan, a.k.a “Rajesh”
Role: Wicket Keeper, Top order Bat,
Pedigree: Youngest player selected for the Andhra under-17 team (was 13)
Fav Stroke: Late Cut
Weapon: Never Say Die Attitude

Rajesh is a very committed player and extremely quick with the gloves behind the wicket. A solid batsman who gives stability at the top of the order and bowls occasional off spin when not keeping wickets. He has been an active participant & volunteer for the various Cricket Outreach programs for Washington Warriors. A Post doctorate from MIT, he currently works at NIH and lives in Southern Maryland. When not playing cricket, Rajesh enjoys spending time with his family, reading and board games.

LOL Part: Was the youngest player selected for the Andhra under-17 team (was 13) - was nicknamed "Sunny" by teammates because he was fat and short like Gavaskar !!!

Venkat Vasabhaktula

Vital Stats:
Name:              Venkat Suresh Vasabhaktula, a.k.a “Venky”
Role:                Right slow medium, Top/Middle order Bat,
Fav Stroke:      Over the long off
Weapon:          Nagging line and length over and over again.

2011: Ranked at/in

  • #44 in WCL top bowlers
  • Top 50 WCL Bowlers
  • Top 50 WCL All Rounders

Venkat Suresh, a.ka.”Venky” is a casuality of having too many Suresh’s in the team, with N and Y already taken it had to be Venky. Coming from the tennis ball circuit where he is an established all rounder, Venky has quickly adapted to the 40 over game and established himself as a utilitarian all rounder. Bats in the middle order with a good strike rate and can rotate the strike. Settles down very quickly and works well with others in building partnerships. He is set for a long innings but the craving to go for the big shots is what is stopping him from seeing a big score. A tidy and consistent bowler, who can control the flow of runs and bag plenty of wickets.

LOL Part: Yeah and you thought you could hit him outta the park. Oops! He just got your wicket. New favorite country is “Sri lanka”.  Also watch out for his super shiny sport glasses that along with his nagging accuracy can distract and frustrate the batsman!!!. Our weapon of mass distraction.

Records and Stats:

2010 Venkat’s Batting performance

2010 Venkat V's Bowling performance

Suresh Yerramothu

Vital Stats:
Name:              Suresh Yerramothu, a.k.a “Y The Rock Star”
Role:                Right slow medium, Middle order Bat,
Fav Stroke:      Over the long off
Weapon:          Nice and easy on its way to the stumps.

Y as he is known, is a true enthusiast. He is one of the two who have logged enough miles in pursuit of the sport that DOT (Dept of Transportation) could consider naming a highway or an overpass after. Another individual who came from the tennis ball circuit Y too was quick to adapt to the 40 over game. Y bats in the middle order, works the singles well, rotates the strike comfortably and can score big off the bad deliveries. He is patient and a good partner to build partnerships. Another tidy and consistent bowler in the “keep it simple” mold, Y saw a great opportunity fall through his hands in 2010 to become the first bowler to get 5 wickets in an innings.

LOL Part: This Lazy Uncle/Lion is far from lazy, he is a fighter, and can show you his battle scars from those countless hours of battling traffic on the odometer of his TT. One of the key reasons for his longevity ….the energetic yogurt salt drink that keeps him going on & on & on!!!!!. This part time Rocker can belt out both good lyrics and bad balls.

Records and Stats:
Most number of Wickets: Suresh Y, 4 wkts, '10 Vs Star

2010 Suresh Y’s Batting performance


Aashay Bhagwe

Vital Stats:
Name:              Aashay Bhagwe, a.k.a “The Wall”
Role:                Wicket Keeper, Lower order Bat,
Fav Stroke:      The one that almost went for a six!!
Weapon:          Determination and the impenetrable defence.

The "Presidents choice" award winner in 2009, Aashay is one of those players that is very passionate about the game and has a great work ethic. He is among the first to be at the ground for both practice and match. Aashay’s can blunt the best of the bowling attacks and frustrate the bowlers maintaining his cool. He can take on the fast bowlers, look them in the eye and give them a piece of his mind if needed. After picking up keeping in 2010, he has developed into a keeper that the team can depend on. Works hard and gives 100% every single time. Quick reflexes make him a very good close fielder when he is not donning the keeping gloves. A very valuable team player, and an asset to the team.

The LOL part: Definitely one of the funny ones on the team, never misses an opportunity to crack a joke or have some fun. Just fun to be around. A fighting cricketer from Aamchi Thane !!!!

Records & Stats:

2010 Aashay’s Batting performance


Syed Maqsood

Name:              Syed Maqsood, a.k.a  “Fast Syed”
Role:                Right arm medium, Middle/Lower order bat, WCL Umpire
Fav Stroke:      Going over the long off
Weapon:          Fast and straight.

Syed is an entertaining cricketer both on and off the field. He too is an import from the tennis ball cricket league and has adapted well and excelled in the 40 over format. He has plenty of big hits to his credit and likes to score quickly. When he gets going, runs come quick and steady. Always showcasing the latest in equipment, he bats with a bat that has a graphite handle (endorsed by Ricky Ponting??) instead of cane. He is quick with the ball and can get us crucial wickets with some that buzz in. Syed is agile and patrols the fence for HCC. He is one of our hard working and quicker fielders. Syed also takes his responsibilities of umpiring seriously and is the authoritative resource for "what does the WCL book say". A sharp cricketing mind and assists the team with the correct WCL rules during our games.

The LOL part: Syed has managed to take technology and innovation to the next level. From hi tech bats with microchips embed in them, to battery powered water bottles that auto mix lemonade, He has it all. A fun character who is cracking up jokes all the time. Oops we almost forgot the new MoM prize he won – The Swanky new Infinity G37x sponsored by HCC, paid by Syed J !!!!!

Records & Stats:
Highest score at # 9. Syed Maqsood- 52* (vs Bengals 2, '10)
Fastest 50: Syed M (32 balls),4x6,4x4 vs Bengals 2, 10
Best partnership for wicket
10. 67 (vs Bengals 2, Syed M 52*, Sushant M 28, 10)

2010 Syed’s Batting performance

Syed's Strike Rate


Nirun Raju

Name:              Nirun Raju, a.k.a  “Simbah”
Role:                Wicket Keeper, Middle/Top order bat
Pedigree:         Gold medalist and National record holder in India*.
Fav Stroke:      Going over the covers
Weapon:          Can hit hard.

Nirun is a hard hitting top/middle order bat. When in form, he is tough to get out and can dispatch the ball to all parts of the ground. He can hit the ball quite hard, long and induce pain. 2010 season saw him keep the wickets and provide the team with some keeping options. Keeping the wickets, he makes sure the batsman is on his toes and outside the field he ensures the other team behaves by lobbing unreturnable zingers. Nirun is another one of HCC’s good tennis players who was awarded a scholarship at his grad school.

The LOL part: Nirun would rather bat than keep, hit the ball hard than defend. But, he is willing to work for his runs and shed both blood and sweat in the process. He is in process of coaching Deepak H as a wicket keeper J.  Oops almost forgot to mention – absolutely loves to eat fish !!!!

Records & Stats:
Best partnership for
7. 62 (vs Bengals 2, Deepak H 30, Nirun 24)

HCC club record holder for 7th wicket partnership with Deepak H

2010 Nirun’s Batting performance


Deepak Hiremath

Vital Stats:
Name:              Deepak Hiremath, a.k.a “The Stud”
Role:                Right arm spin, Middle order bat,
Pedigree:         Roger Binny Cricket Academy
Fav Stroke:      Going over the top of long on/bowler
Weapon:          Teasing delivery that crashes into the stumps

Deepak is a long hauler, driving at least 3 hrs each way to get to the game. I guess, he would qualify for the most travelled cricketer in HCC. Deepak is a talented cricketer who plays an important role in the middle order both with the bat and the ball. He can  consolidate the scoring, accelerate it and build partnerships. He bowls a teasing line with his spinning deliveries and snares the batsmen. Has collected an impressive tally of wickets in 2010.

The LOL part: Deepak the “Stud”. He is the closest competitor to Suresh Y in racking up the most miles on their cars to travel for a cricket match. One of the things missing from his kit : a pocket towel !!!

Records and Stats
Highest Partnership for wickets: 
7. 62 (vs Bengals 2, Deepak H 30, Nirun 24)
8. 69 (vs PWCC, Deepak H 52*, Deepak K 27, 10) 
Most number of wickets: 4 wkts, '10 vs PWCC

2011: Ranked in/as
  • 47 in WCL Top Batting Averages

2010 Deepak H's Batting performance

2010 Deepak K's Bowling performance


Practice locations & directions

1. Aldrin Elementary School, 11375 center harbor rd, Reston, VA 20194-2061.

2. Ballston - Arlington:

1300 N Quincy St, Arlington , VA 22201

Driving directions
Coming on 66 E towards washington-
Take exit 71, ballston exit.
Turn left onto glebe rd at second traffic light.
Turn right onto Washington blvd at second traffic light.
Turn left at first traffic light. You should see a washington-lee highschool ground on your right once you turn left at this light.
You will drive infront of the school entrance. turn right onto parking garage.
We meet inside the hockey cage.

3. Williamsburg middle school - Arlington: 3600 N Harrison St, Arlington, VA 22207 Ground is behind school:

Click here to get directions from google maps

WCL FIELDS (click here for directions)