If you wish to contribute to any of our activities, contact us at 2washingtonwarriors@gmail.com


Mission Statement

The purpose, for which the Washington Warriors is formed is to introduce and promote the development of the sport of cricket within the local communities and the Washington Metropolitan area through education, organization and competition. In doing so, we wish to encourage fair play, team work, and camaraderie among our members.


Warriors will introduce Cricket to 195 Fairfax county schools

NEW PLAYERS: If you are a talented, enthusiastic & confident cricketer and believe that you can be an asset to our team, we invite you to join our ranks. Email us at 2WashingtonWarriors@gmail.com and we will respond promptly please mention the level you have played previously, strengths and your skill level. - Country,state,county level, top order bat, pace bowler, spin, etc. Requirement is that you have to be physically present in USA. We don't sponsor players outside USA.

Washington Warriors 2013 & 2012 Awards after the season

We are based in Fairfax county and hold practices in the following locations.
Every Monday, 5:30 - 8:30 pm at Lake Fairfax Park, Reston.
Saturday practice session's, 8:30 - 12:30 pm.
Location - Aldrin Elementary School, 11375 center harbor rd, Reston, VA 20194-2061.
We are seeking sponsors to sponsor us in full or part. Contact us if interested.


Most commonly asked questions 

The below are the mostly commonly asked questions by the school students who are eager to learn and play cricket. If you don't find an answer to your question please send us your question at 2washingtonwarriors@gmail.com and we will be glad to answer it for you.

Why is a Cricket Bat Flat?
Unlike baseball where a batter hits the ball in a V shaped area, in Cricket a batter can play all around the wicket so a flatter bat gives more options to play the ball in any direction you desire.  

Why is it curved behind a bat?
Cricket Bats are purposely curved in the back to remove any extra weight from it. A lighter bat gives a batsman more time to react.

How many Overs is a game? It depends on what level the game is played.
At professional level, there are 3 main formats. Test Cricket, One Day International (ODI) and a 20/20 format. Test Cricket is played maximum of 5 days. ODIs are 50 Over games and 20/20 is a 20 Overs game. One Over consist of 6 balls or pitches. At non competitive level the number of Overs can be mutually agreed by the two playing teams, depending on the number of players and the time you have. Each Over approximately takes 3-4 minutes. So in a 1 hr session you can expect to have a 8-10 Overs game. 

Is Sledging allowed in Cricket? Yes/No. 
Usually a bowler or the fielding team gets into sledging to unsettle the batsman. But when the sledging goes out of control then the players can be reprimanded, worst comes to worst a player will be heavily penalized or banned. So it is a recommended and a good practice to abstain from Sledging.

How many strikes does a batter get before he is Out?
Unlike baseball where a batter gets 3 strikes before he's Out, in Cricket there are no limit to number of strikes. A batsman can bat till he get's Out. 

Can I spin the ball? Yes.

What happens when a batter hits the ball and fielder catches the ball?
First, when batter hits the ball in air and fielder catches the ball in air, the batter is Out.
Second, when the batter plays the ball on the ground and the fielder catches, it is Not Out.

What is the distance between the wickets at both the ends? 22 Yards

Does a batter need to run when the ball crosses the boundary? No

What happens when a batter drops the bat and runs to the other end? It's fine! but holding the bat while running gives the advantage of making it safe to the other end in time.

Practice locations & directions

1. Aldrin Elementary School, 11375 center harbor rd, Reston, VA 20194-2061.

2. Ballston - Arlington:

1300 N Quincy St, Arlington , VA 22201

Driving directions
Coming on 66 E towards washington-
Take exit 71, ballston exit.
Turn left onto glebe rd at second traffic light.
Turn right onto Washington blvd at second traffic light.
Turn left at first traffic light. You should see a washington-lee highschool ground on your right once you turn left at this light.
You will drive infront of the school entrance. turn right onto parking garage.
We meet inside the hockey cage.

3. Williamsburg middle school - Arlington: 3600 N Harrison St, Arlington, VA 22207 Ground is behind school:

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