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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Players Choice Award & Presidents Choice Award

Our Players Choice Award winner for 2010 is Deepak "The Destroyer" Kundal. Congratulations!!!!

There were two clear favorites and Kundal edged another equally well deserving competitor in Deepak G. The vote that edged "K" over was cast by none other than his competitor "G", who voted for "K". It goes to show how these two have performed and the mutual respect they have for each other. After all they belong to he Deepak Club. Maybe it was preplanned? Deepak's conspiracy?

Overall, Deepaks K & G, Saurabh, and Sameer were the top candidates for the votes. Looking at all of your perspectives and factoring in some others, I thought that this might be the time to look at presidents choice awards as well. SO here are our winners for 2010 Presidents Choice Awards

Presidents Choice Award # 1: Deepak G- No brainer
Presidents Choice Award # 2: Saurabh for taking the initiative to organize practice sessions, leading the team to 2 wins in the last two games and all round contributions on and off the field.
Presidents Choice Award # 3: Sameer for consistent performances in the middle. He made a good impact in the relatively few no: of games that he played.

Other contributions that are often overlooked, but worth mentioning are
Aashay: Always there at the field on time, committed to the core and for his excellent keeping and stepping up to the challenge in the absence of Lali and Nirun.
Nirun and Y are just one spark away from turning the corner and lighting up the field.

Here are some random comments in support of Kundal from all of you.

"Important innings in the second game against PWCC game.
Devastating opening spell against Beng 2 in the last game of the season."

"He's been consistent with both bat and bowl. Played a pivotal role in the last 2 wins. "

"To me 4 people stood out for this trophy.
Gupta, Kundal, Sameer and Saurabh.
Sameer for providing stability in the innings, has been good with bat and is fourth on the list.
Saurabh for leading the team to 2 wins on the last 2 games & 4.8 economy rate. Turned out really good with the ball.
Kundal 8 wkts 5th on the list; 27 vs PWCC result win, 3 wkts vs bengals 2 result win; 1 wkt vs Omnitech result Win
Gupta for all round performance, crossed 100 runs, 42 runs a fighting knock vs hunters , 2 wkts vs PWCC result Win; 2 catchs vs PWCC & Bengals, result Wins; second on the fielding list.
Kundal and Gupta stands out even with performances resulting in Wins"

"Great team motivator n funny "

"For me it was tough to pick between Deepak G and Deepak Kundal. But I will go with Deepak Kundal.
1) He shared the new ball and with excellent results in the games vs. Elite, Omnitech, PWCC & Bengals2.
2) His lower order batting was instrumental in a key partnership with Deepak H against PWCC to script a great win for the team when the chips were down.
3) A good team person who is amongst the first folks ready to go for square leg umpire duties and on the funnier but more imp note his wife, Bhabi is present for most of the games to cheer, keep score and also provide us with delicious food."

" His commitment and support from his wife to HCC is great."

"I would like to nominate Deepak Kundal, for his knock against PWCC and his 3 (or was it 4) wicket spell against Bengals2 in our last game. xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx, it was a pleasure watching those 2 nipping deliveries that disturbed the timber not once but on 2 ocassions. It was an all round effort from him on both occasions, and it was for a winning cause!!!

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